Ahadu Bank is established by visionary entrepreneurs and professionals to provide a different model of banking centered on the philosophy of Inclusive Intermediation.

Ahadu at a Glance


Ahadu Bank is founded by over 10,000 Shareholders and incorporated under the Ethiopian banking business Proclamation to provide a full-fledged commercial banking services. The Bank is domiciled in Ethiopia with its Head Office located on Africa Avenue, Sunshine Building, Addis Ababa.


Our vision is to take a lead role in the financial sector, in 2025 E.C, in support of the aspirations of the citizenry and the country.

These segments are established based on the type of our engagements through which we create customer values that suite the different financial stages and banking experiences of Customers.
Retail Banking ahadu bank
Retail Banking
This segment provides basic banking services to the general public (individual clients) through multiple channels.
MSME Banking ahadu bank
MSME Banking
This segment is meant to serve the widely unserved and underserved sectors.
Rural Banking ahadu bank
Rural Banking
We highly regard partnerships with Governmental, Non-Governmental and development agencies.
Corporate Banking ahadu bank
Corporate Banking
Our corporate banking services are for business establishments and high net-worth customers.
International Banking ahadu bank
International Banking
World Remit to ensure its customers fast and safe money transfer service.
Mission ahadu bank
Our purpose is to Pioneer avant-garde financial services for promoting the economic welfare of Ethiopians.


Fear of God

We are believers. We fear God. We are lover of humanity. We only look up to God in everything. We strive to preserve the past, Protect the present, and Save the Feature !!!

Passion for Serving

We bring passion and pride to everything we do, playing to win by exceeding expectations. We are fully committed and invested to our customers. We look to leave a legacy that will stand the test of time.


We serve with integrity. We demand honesty, trust, and respect from ourselves and others, always upholding high ethical standards. 

Organizational Learning

We commit to developing and growing our staff, management & stakeholders through continuous improvement with the sole purpose of serving our customers better.


Our mission – Pioneer avant-garde financial services for promoting the economic welfare of Ethiopians- explains why we exist. Our purpose is to drive Ethiopia’s financial services to benefit Ethiopians in a sustainable and inclusive way. We strive to have a positive socio-economic impact in every aspect of our business. We believe addressing the unserved and underserved society by reaching to the rural community and supporting and nurturing small businesses, practicing principles of responsible banking and investing in innovative technology to digitalize our operations help us create values to our Customers, our Shareholders and our Community at large.

Our Motto ahadu bank
Our Motto
Inclusive Intermediation – is also all about why we are here.